1952 – Born in New York City
1973 – BA University of North Carolina at Chappel Hill
1973 – Skowhegan Summer Program
1973-1975 – Assistant to Willem de Kooning
2002 – Artist in Residence, Wagner College, NY
2003 – Artist in Residence, Wagner College, NY

Selected Colletions:
Centre Georges Pompidou
Ackland Art Museum
Musée Canavalése
Landeshausparkasse Munchen
Dresden Bank
Mittel Milano
Albert D.Lasker Collection
Hypobayerische Vereinsbank
Duke Museum of Art
American Can Co.
American Ultramar
Brean Murray Inc.
The Carnegie Group
Wagner College
Prudential Bache
Bayer Chemical AG
Musée d’Art Moderne, Ceret

Selected Bibliography:
New York Sunday Ttimes
“A Portrait of the Artist with Spackle”
Julia Mead, July 2004

Art Meets Hellinger: Der Weg Zur
Familienaufstellung des Kunstlers
Andrew Hart Adler, Marcus Angebauer.
(Verlag M. Faste),2003

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2019- Cascais Cultural Centre, Cascais
2016- 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town, SA
2015 “Emergence, 99 Loop, Cape Town
2014 Resolution Gallery, Johanessburg, SA
2014 “Light Whisperer” Res Gallery, JHB
2012 Arthur Kahaher Gallery, Southampton, NY
2010 Village Smith Gallery, Winston Salem, NC
2008 Gallery Mark Hachem, NYC
2007 Hampton Road Gallery, Soutampton, NY
2006 LTMH Gallery, New York
2004 Hampton Road Gallery, Soutampton, NY

2003 – 1975:
Gallery Leidel, Munich
Gallery Koch, Hannover
Gallery Ludorff, Dusseldorf
Hannina Gallery, London
Barclay´s Bank, Monaco
Meissner Gallery, New York
Hypobayerische Vereinsbank, Munich
Gallery Kron, Aachen
Carine Campo Gallery, Antwerp
Leinster Fine Art, London
Leinster Contemporary Art, London
Duke Museum of Art, Durham, NY
Stephen Rosemberg Gallery, NY
Olaf Greiser Galerie, Heidelberg
Musée d’Art Moderne, Céret
Galerie Geneviève Maurin, Paris
Centre Chaillot Galeria, Paris
Harkness Gallery, NY

Selected group exhibitions:

2018- Everard Read, Summer Exhibition, Cape Town
2017- Cape Town Art Fair  99 Loop Gallery, Summer Exhibition
2016- Cape Town Art Fair   99 Loop Gallery, Summer Exhibition
2015- Turbine Art Fair, Johanessburg
2015- 99 Loop Gallery, Summer Exhibition, Cape Town
2015 “Cape of Good Hope” 99 Loop, Cape Town
2013- Resolution Gallery, Johanessburg
2013 David Krut Project, Cape Town
2011 “Hamptons-Then&Now”, Gerald Peter’s Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Gerald Peter’s Gallery, Santa Fe, new Mexico
2006 “Artists of the Hamptons (Pollock, The Kooning, Lichenstein, Fischer)”, Leila Heller Gallery, New York
2006 “The Nude Exposed (Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, etc.)”, Leila Heller Gallery, New York
2006 “Back and White (Chagall, De Kooning, Leger, Matisse, Picasso)”, Leila Heller Gallery, New York
2005 “Then and Now” (De kooning, Rivers, Chamberlain, etc.)”, Remy Toledo Gallery, New York
2004 Leila Heller Gallery, New York

2003 – 1975:
Musée Carnavalése, Menton
Art Cologne (Ludorff)
Galerie Leidel, Munich
Galerie Koch, Hannover
Galerie Woeller – Paquet, Frankfurt
Galerie Schwartzkopf, Wuppertal
Galerie Ludorif, Dusseldorf
Chicago Art Fair (Leinster)
Los Angeles Art Fair (Leinster)
Salon de Monrouge
Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris
Salon des Grands et jeunes, Paris
Vivante Tapisserie Francaise, Grand Palais, Paris
Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY