For the past 35 years, Andrew Hart Adler has been showing his work on both sides of the Atlantic in the USA and Europe. Now in South Africa, where he has established his studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.
A New Yorker by birth, he has lived a major part of his life in London, Paris, Munich, the Côte d’Azur, as well as Costa Rica and New York before arriving in Cape Town.

He was the assistant to Willem de Kooning for two years.

Adler is driven by the convictions of his personal path. His travels and interests in different cultures and philosophies have been combined with his own personal aesthetic and artistic practice into a synthesized unique visual language.

He believes that this “language” is concurrant and runs fluidly with the thread that runs through the history of art. By referencing different periods in the history of art and exploring his perspective, he is aware that the enigma (of life) is constantly re-evaluated and his contributing creative momentum is thus renewed. The works are thus visual forms which attain in us the certainty of timeless consonance.

The confirmation of certain forms in the particular aspect that their creators (before him) have given them, return again and again throughout the history of art. Despite the diversity of subject matter, supports and techniques, despite the lives which belong to one era and one culture alone, the sole purpose of the artist, Adler feels, is to penetrate to the heart of the mystery and exhume under various guises the same sublime form that we seek in all artistic production.

It is thus that he can refer to different epochs, whether Mannerism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and the like, and bring that emotional content into our present era. In addition, because of his exposure to a global world, he can use these elements as he gives shape to his emotions, making them visible, and in so doing, places a seal of eternity upon them, as his creations join to all those works that have incarnated the universal nature of human emotions.